Nostell Priory's plans to show off their 18th century doll's house in an exciting new setting have been put on hold because of lockdown.

But there's lots to look forward to when the National Trust property in North Yorkshire opens its doors to visitors again.

The dolls’ house is now showcased in a new permanent exhibition space as you enter the mansion on the ground floor. Beautifully illuminated with state-of-the-art showcase lighting in a bespoke glass case, visitors will be able to see every tiny detail, from the liveried footman and the miniature glass mouse to the hallmarked silver tea set. Nostell raised over £100,000 to conserve, relocate, and redisplay the doll's house.

Meanwhile, while you plan a future visit when the doors eventually open, you can enjoy a tour of the house courtesy of this film.

Only a handful of dolls’ houses have survived from the 18th century and Nostell’s is the only one you can see in the original family home it was designed for. Arguably the most detailed and authentic of its kind, the dolls' house at Nostell is a true masterpiece of craftsmanship and a window into a past world. Watch how the textlies have been lovingly restored in this video elsewhere on

VIDEO: Helping hands for fragile fabrics
How the fabrics of a 300-year-old doll’s house are being carefully restored by expert hands