Only a handful of dolls’ houses have survived from the 18th century and the one at Nostell, the 18th Century mansion in North Yorkshire, is the only one you can see in the original family home it was designed for.

Arguably the most detailed and authentic of its kind, the dolls' house at Nostell is a true masterpiece of craftsmanship and a window into a past world.

At nearly 300 years old, this rare survival has been in need of vital conservation work. Thanks to generous donations from  supporters the National Trust has raised over £100,000 to conserve, relocate, redisplay and conduct further research into Nostell’s dolls’ house.

This short film gives you an insight into the detailed conservation work undertaken on the tiny textiles in the house, from petticoats and coat sleeves to chair seats and curtains. Nostell is currently closed, but you can see more detail of the dolls' house (and information on future opening arrangements) at