Ian Rixson loved Barbara Cass's detailed garage scene that we featured on Dollshouse.live recently, and he posted a photo on Facebook of the twelfth scale garage he'd made.

It looked fascinating, so we persuaded him to share some more photos. It's not often we get to see Russian military vehicles in Dolls House World (like, never) so we're delighted he agreed.

The inspiration for Ian's garage came from a few directions: his interest in all kinds of military vehicles, a love of anything radio controlled and a passion for scale model building.

Ian said: "They've all been a part of my life for many years since a young age. I'm in a lot of rc hobby groups on Facebook and a lot of the fellow members were building scale garages. But most were of modern clean garage spaces and I wanted to do something a bit different, so I started looking at old run down garages for more inspiration."

Ian started developing his theme after seeing twelfth scale Russian military type vehicles from a company called Cross RC. He said: "As most of the vehicles are older looking the cold war era was my basis. I modelled much of it on old Russian/Soviet posters/pictures from the 1950s and 60s, hence why there are no modern electrical items in the garage."

Most of the items Ian hand made: pallets, sandbags, bench vice, heaters, lights, gas bottles and the like. More detailed items, such as the tools and welding equipment, he sourced from doll's house suppliers.

Ian revealed how he developed his rusty garage look. "On a few of the items I applied an iron-based paint and used sandpaper to rough some surfaces. Then I wet the area to produce real rust on what would be metal material. Other areas I just weathered with paint or black wash."

He added: "There is still a lot I want to do with this garage and I may even extend it. That's because a few of my trucks are a bit too big for it at the moment."

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