by Gail Tucker

So, like a lot of people at the moment, I am stuck at home. But for someone who works from home anyway this is no real hardship because I always seem to have loads to do, organising the MGM Dolls House Fairs.

However,  some of those things are not what one would call fun, but fun can be a double-edged sword as I recently found out.

I decided that with no shows to organise for the next six months, I now have the time  to re-kindle my love affair with food and make some more miniature period  food pieces for  Merry Gourmet.  I was thinking Tudor, as its one of my favorite time periods but first, not only did I need to dust off the tools for my work, but also find the bits and pieces needed to make more and reclaim back some space in which to work.

The tidying-up needed before I could start is  that double-edged sword situation, but it has meant I found treasures in boxes I didn’t realise I had, with long forgotten gems bought at shows, from other makers.  

I am delighted to be creative once again and you can rest assured that new items will be popping up on our website shortly – once I find where I have put the Fimo.

Gail manages to find where she put the Fimo.

Find out more at Gail's website: Merry Gourmet Miniatures