Hi Áurea. How long have you been making miniatures? I’m an artist and have painted oil paintings my whole life. Seventeen years ago I bought my first miniature doll’s house and I thought it would be fun to hand paint my own miniature furniture. My friends and family always said how beautiful and unique those pieces were and five years ago I decided I wanted to share that with the world. So I started Aurearte Miniatures and began going to doll’s house miniature shows and selling on Etsy.

Where do you work? I work in my studio at home. I’ve created a cosy space in the attic where I have lots of natural sunlight all day. It’s my special safe place — when I go into my studio it’s like entering a whole other world. I’m surrounded by miniatures, wonderful pieces that are finished, others that are yet to be upholstered…it’s a great place and it truly inspires me.

Do you always make your minis in the same place? Most of the time I do. I’ve got great light in my attic to work on the small details. Sometimes I also work from my shop in Mercantic — a vintage and crafts market outside of Barcelona.

Do you work at set times? I don’t have set times — I work throughout the day. I’m up really early and sometimes I’ll go straight into miniature painting. Other times I prefer to work on them in the afternoon while my dogs sleep beside me.

What makes your space for mini making so special? It’s a space for inspiration. Whenever I enter my studio, my creativity runs wild. The key to that is having all the materials needed in one space. Once you’ve got the tools, you’re set to let your creativity run free! Another thing that makes it very special is the light — being an attic with roof windows, I have great light coming in all the time.

Do you keep your workspace private or do you let other people in? My dogs always come visit me in my studio and they seem to really enjoy having a nap beside me while I work on my miniatures. My daughters like to visit me when I’m working too. They both like to paint so they might just sit there with me, play some relaxing music on the radio and work on some paintings.

The workshop is full of natural light

Do you listen to music or the radio while you work? Yes, I like to listen to jazz and classical music while I paint as well as boleros, romantic Spanish music. I also get a lot of inspiration from listening to operas.

Name one thing that is banned from your workspace. I’m very relaxed when it comes to my workspace. I don’t have anything that is banned.

Describe your workspace in five words. Inspiring, creative, luminous, my sanctuary, peaceful

What is the one thing that your workspace can’t be missing? Thin paint brushes and paint. They are my number one tool with which to work on the fine detail of my miniatures.

What would be your dream workspace? I’m lucky enough to have my dream workspace.

Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/aurearte
Website: www.aurearte.com
Email: aureart23@gmail.com
Instagram: @aurearte_miniatures
Phone: +34 687666164
Áurea works on one of her lovely sofas
Furniture line dup ready for customers worldwide