As an NHS worker in a local hospital in Sussex in this challenging time, the situation is changing  every day and sometimes by hours.

To begin with, we heard something was coming, then the preparation and training started .

My ward (eye department) and many others have closed down. Many wards have now been converted into ITU or recovery wards and we are being sent to work in different areas, to help wherever needed. I feel out of my comfort zone, facing the unknown, but we are all in it together with colleagues and friends  supporting each other

As we live this locked down life, I feel we can cope better because we have this amazing hobby. After a long tiring shift I can go up in my little room and forget what is happening or what tomorrow is going to bring and I concentrate on creating a new figure.

The little doll which is making me and my husband happy will hopefully make someone smile and forget about how our life has changed.