by Rhe Holder

When I finished all the rooms in my doll’s house, I started making additional rooms in room boxes. I completed a workshop room box and a Christmas setting room box and was surprised at how much fun each individual project could be.

I bought another box kit at Michael’s Craft Shop, and after putting it together the search for just the right things to put in it began.

My husband and I were blessed to have 10 grandchildren. We kept a room for them with a baby bed set up at all times, just in case we had an unexpected little visitor, so I thought the idea of furnishing a nursery room box would be fun.

For years I had kept the wooden baby bed that I had slept in as a baby. When our first grandchild was on the way, we brought it down, gave it a new paint job, and fixed a special place for it at our house. Consequently, when I started the nursery room box, the cot was the first thing I looked for. Since I also had kept my own original high chair and used it for my grandchildren, I was thrilled to find a bed and old-fashioned wooden high chair at Through the Keyhole in Dallas, Texas, very much like my original ones. The other pieces of furniture I found at a Michael’s Craft Shop.

Beatrice Potter’s stories were favourites of mine and the rest of our family as well, so it was exciting when I found the Peter Rabbit wallpaper in Dallas at Through the Keyhole. I also found the coordinating pictures there. The decals on the furniture are rabbits cut out of the wallpaper and glued on. The wall-to-wall carpet is a scrap of velvet out of my sewing box. The throw rug was a gift from a friend.

After I started each of my room boxes my children and even some of my grandchildren would be on the lookout for anything they thought I might use. They live from the east coast to the west coast, and every time I went for a visit they would have located another miniature shop to take me to. On a trip to visit my son and his wife in Virginia I found the little quilt on the bed and the cushion on the rocking chair. They were handmade by the owner of the shop. The Bible and baby scales sitting on the wardrobe were gifts from family members as well as some of the toys.

It was such a blessing for me to furnish this room box, because it reminded me of times that my grandchildren were nursery age. It brought back many cherished memories of when they came to visit “Grandmother and Granddaddy Holder” and the fun we had together