by Auralea Krieger

You will need: Jewellery charms | Acetate |Permanent markers |Clear nail polish | Small scissors | Thread | Straight pin

I am always searching the jewellery section of the craft store for interesting charms to use as decorative pieces in my doll's houses. That's obviously something we can't do at this time, but you may be able to find suitable pieces in your jewellery stash for this project.

With a little manipulation you can make your charms into interesting accent pieces. This technique is simple and can be used for a variety of charms.

Step 1. Cut out a piece of thin acetate film about 1/4” larger than the size of your metal charm. Lay your charm on it face up.

Step 2. Drip clear nail polish into all of the negative areas until they are full. Be sure to ventilate while you are doing this or do this outside. Let the nail polish dry completely.

Step 3. Use a pair of small sharp scissors to cut the excess acetate film away from the charm. I used a pair of small scissors with curved blades.

Step 4. Next, use permanent markers to colour the back of the acetate film any colour you want. Then let it dry completely.

Step 5. String the charm with thread and hang in front of a window.

I trimmed the top of a straight pin and pushed it into the wood frame. You could also try using plastic wrap for the background. Do some experimenting!