Debbie Booth , California: “My father was a minister so as a young girl I sat in church quite a bit. To keep me quiet and entertained, he bought me little toy miniatures. I would use hymnals to create little rooms for my pretend dollhouse on the pews. I would make little beds, and place pieces of fabric on them and play with my dolls in these little make believe rooms.

"My mother taught me to sew and quilt and now, years later, I am creating miniatures and bedding to sell all over the world. Being extremely patriotic, and loving our country, I enjoy the entire celebration on Independence day. We decorate our porch with flags, red flowers, and special signs. On July 4th we have an enormous family get-together, with lots of food. Everyone gets sparklers in hand and we enjoy the fireworks together.”

Debbie has such fun decorating for the Fourth of July as you can see in the picture above. The twelfth scale table is set and a beautiful quilt hangs on the wall.

This wonderfully vibrant room has a New England style with an Americana colour pallet.
Debbie's porch and upstairs patio are ready for Independence Day!

Bridget Aul  Pennsylvania: “I have been making miniatures since I was a little girl, but I technically began my miniature business in 2006. Making miniatures gives me the opportunity to use my hands and really pay close attention to details. My specialty in miniatures is food, of course, which is also perfect for me because I have a passion for food in real life. Ultimately, miniature-making has been a favourite hobby of mine for as long as I can remember!

"I love the patriotic celebration of this summer holiday in America. It’s always a joyous event full of red, white, and blue and it’s such a great time to celebrate the USA’s anniversary of independence with friends and family.”

Lisa's little 1 3/4” pillow that features a hand-painted patriotic flower pot and greenery with red and white beaded flowers.

Lisa Komives,  Florida: “I’ve been making miniatures for over twenty years. I started out just making things for myself. Then I began selling them at craft fairs and now I am very happy to have my own shop on Etsy!

"I am fascinated by the artistry that goes into making miniatures. I love the attention to detail. I love making little pillows because I can do three of my favourite things–paint, sew, and bead! My family threw the biggest and best 4th of July parties. Family, friends, good food, and fireworks. But the best part was the small town parade where the streets were lined with people, each and every one of them waving the flag. What a beautiful sight!”

Debbie makes plush twelfth scale dolls depicting many historic or famous individuals.

Debbie Ritter,  Ohio: “I enjoy miniatures partly because I like the challenge of fitting a face with personality on such a small area of space. For the past eight years I have been focused on making my miniature dolls. Creating miniatures provide a form relaxation to me, and lets me use the creative side of my personality that combines things I enjoy- observing people and a touch of humour with artistry!

"I love the freedom we have in America; it’s a privilege denied to many so I feel very blessed indeed. The specialness of Fourth of July to me means celebrating the freedom we have as Americans–freedom isn’t free, it has cost many their lives so we should be grateful for it.”