In the UK we’ve had a few weeks of quarantine and, even though it might seem forever, to some people it’s been a chance to recover from a very busy life.

My husband Bob and I are retired but, like many retired people, we always seem to be busy and often wonder how we had time to go to work.

The sudden shock and reality of this awful virus hits home when you realise just what being confined to one’s own home means. No more popping out for a coffee at our local garden centre, and maybe buying another little plant to find a home for. No going out on a whim, which could lead to all sorts of unknown places.

Sadly though, in our miniature world, it means that several doll’s house shows have been cancelled, or moved to dates later in the year. These are shows I would normally be attending, taking lots of pictures and chatting to you about it afterwards in Dolls House World.

When things are back to normal, and they will be in time, then DHW will be updating the show dates for you, so you won’t miss them. I will still be there, hopefully, with my camera in one hand and Bob in the other, reporting on the show for you.

A sneak peek inside Sandra's magnificent Tudor house

For now it means that I simply have to get on writing about my Tudor house, which I keep putting off to write about someone else's lovely creation. There can be no excuses about me having no time now! The Tudor house should be in DHW later in the year.

And another thought. You know that I have several kits waiting to to be made up (like many of you I guess) plus decorating an untouched doll’s house/ shop bought last year - well I now have the time to start on them.

I just have to get out all my wallpapers, paint and stuff, and you all know I have plenty of that around - just have to find it.

Now's the time to brush off your own craft table and create something lovely. Let me know when you do, and maybe we can show it in the magazine soon.

Sandra is Dolls House World's Feature Writer and you can follow her reports on houses, shows and makers in every issue of the magazine.

You'll be able to see a complete feature on Sandra's Tudor house in a future issue of DHW