by Tanja Jensen

Reporting from Denmark, day 87 of self-quarantine: we are okay but running low on chocolate. Luckily, we’ve got 10 rolls of toilet paper left! Sadly, only 2-ply – not sure how much longer we’ll be able to make it.

Apologies for my terrible sense of humour. In all honesty, from my own introverted, hermit-crab point of view, things aren’t too bad here. With me working from home and my boyfriend currently job hunting anyway, our days look much the same as usual – with the exception of not going window shopping as often and not being able to go out for the occasional visit to restaurants and the cinema.

On a bright note, I can now use my gas mask, which is normally just for whenever I’m working with chemicals. This fitting, yet potentially worst ever display of ‘Mad Max’, came only a couple of weeks into the lockdown.

I am though, as many others, finding miniatures to be the perfect hobby for these times. I love being able to dive into this little world of joy and wonder.

My latest work in progress is waffles and strawberries. I am however, joking aside, running low on white polymer clay, which could prove to be an issue within the very near future – but I’m sure there’s a solution for that.

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Tanja with her mask, toilet roll and last bar of chocolate
Tanja at work in her studio
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