by Sandra Harding

You will need:

For kitchen jars - Packs of six jars from Works (usually with glitter in) | Printable labels for kitchen goods, sized to twelfth scale |Spices or seeds from kitchen, rosemary, parsley, coriander for instance | Glue

TIP: Use coriander seeds which look like little onions (ideal for kitchen scene)

For witch’s jars - Jars as above | Labels as above (use fantasy, witches, spooky stuff this time) | Lichen, bark, seeds, dried twigs, and anything that looks as if it could belong to a witch | Fimo, if making things like slugs and worms | Glue, must be clear and runny | Nail varnish, acrylic or other paint, food colourings |Toothpick

Kitchen jars

Empty the jars, and keep contents for something pretty (I suggest you keep the colours apart).

Put about half a teaspoon of herbs or seeds in a jar, or fill to the top if you want.

Glue on a label to more or less match the contents of the jar.

Replace cork bung.

Witch’s jars

Using an empty jar place tiny pieces of lichen, moss, or anything that looks horrible in it.

Add glue carefully to cover the contents. Add a little colour at this stage if needed. Replace cork bung, and shake or stir. The effects you get will be unpredictable, depending on what you use. Some will be good, some horrible. Have fun trying.

If adding Fimo items, roll out and shape whatever you are creating (worms and slugs are easiest). Put them in the jar and add glue as above. Manoeuvre the bits to where you want them to be, using a toothpick or similar. Add just a little colour if needed.

I added an old piece of chamois leather to the tops of some jars, then tied them with black cotton. I then added a little bit of “spider” web, just because I had some.

Top tips: If colour is needed, use only a little, as food colouring can be very vivid. I used red nail varnish, a sprinkle of glitter and bits of lichen to create dragon’s blood. I laid it on its side and created a fake dripping effect down the leg of the table.